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Links what have come to the fore.

Stuff that I'm coming across as I catch up on 5 days of mail and LJ.

Escher in Legos. Oh wow.

RIP Robert Palmer. Perhaps not Forever Young.

Got Jesus?

Dr. Who returning to TV. No. Really, this time.

Flying manta ray!

... I have no words. This poor horse.

World Beach Championships.

Kids in the Hall DVD release! Dave's not here!

I Used to Believe... Things what used to make sense, when you were a kid. :)

Oh yeah, and greybar snuck in while I wasn't looking.
Welcome back! It's nice to have you within communication range again.
Flying Rays! Whee!

(I love rays, ever since one time when the Aquarium in Boston had an exhibit where you could pet them. Trish had to drag me away from it.)