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Less meri.

So, I had this coupon for Lane Bryant, and my pants and skirts are literally falling off of me, so chichi and I went to the local Strip Mall O' Doom, and I went in search of new pants. I have, for the last several years, worn a size 24 in pants. We grabbed a couple of pairs of pants in size 22, and a skirt that was 18-20. I tried on the skirt first, on a fluke, and ... it fit! Granted, it had a mega elastic waist, but hey. Neat!

I tried on the pants, and... they were too big. chichi went and grabbed them in 20s, and then looked for the other pair of pants in 20, but they only had them in 18. The 20s fit very nicely. I could actually fairly easily get into the 18s, but they were too tight to be attractive.


I'm down from a 24 to a 20, almost an 18.

While relating this information to callmyname on AIM tonight, I realized I hadn't weighed myself for a while, so excused myself to run to the scale.

Last October, I was 290 pounds. Tonight, after a big meal with chichi, I am 235 pounds. 55 pounds in 11 months. Not bad. Not great, but not bad. I actually hit 50 pounds a few months ago, but between the hurt foot and the stress of work and relationship stuff and moving, I stopped going for my walks, and so kind of leveled off. At least I didn't slip backwards. :)

So yes, there's now less meri. And I have some spiffy new clothes. And chichi and I giggle entirely too much when we're together.
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Score! Congratulations. :)

I went shopping for pants today and found out that I can wear 10s in some styles — I used to be pretty solidly a 12 and pushing 14 for some things. (I also have some pants that are, shall we say, more than comfortably loose.)
Even at current weight, I'm managing 31x30s and the occasional loose 30x30. (I gave up on girl pants long ago). I don't know where I'm storing the pounds.
Yeah, sometimes guy pants are really cool. Pants that realize I don't conform to some ridiculous idealized height/weight ratio are pretty cool.

IMO, 31x30 is a solidly average size. But I'm weird that way.
Boy pants have actual useful pockets in them. In my experience, girl pants don't -- the pockets they have are deep enough to get maybe two knuckles deep before hitting bottom. What's the point in that?
I should send you some clothes, then. ^_^
EXCELLENT! You're inspiring me.

I can't wait for the day when I can [comfortably] wear 38s.
You think 55 pounds in 11 months isn't great? What drugs are you on, and how can I get you to stop taking them? That's wonderful!

Expecting faster weight loss than that isn't realistic for most people, and attempting it can damage ones health.
Yah, what he said. 55 pounds in 11 months = 5 pounds a month = just over a pound a week, which is, if I recall correctly, considered ideal.

Yay! Go you!
woo hoo! you go, girl!

maybe i'll get off my ass and start losing the weight I've put back on now. Yay success stories!
(/me is slightly surprised that you didn't choose the 18's for later if they did fit.... )