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Home again, home again...

Ahhh, this place is finally shaping up into a homelike sort of abode.

I had my first gathering at my place tonight, in an impromptu sort of way. While talking online with folks earlier today, it was decided that we should gather for food. Well, actually, utterlyjaded and I wanted to go to Sweetwater Tavern for lunch, but they weren't open, because of the water shortages due to the water treatment plants not having power or some such. So, it was decided that I would cook!

So utterlyjaded and chichi and I went out and ran errands, which somehow involved getting a lot more artwork for our respective walls, and stopping at Target (I'm spending entirely too much time (not to mention money) at Target of late) to pick up a wok since my current wok is very very rusty, and then to Grand Mart to get groceries. Mmmm. Really Fresh Produce. Yum.

Then, I came home and collapsed, since I foolishly took a muscle relaxant while out and about, and it hit me full force about 45 minutes before getting home. I got up thanks to hanov3r's wonderful wakeup call, and went and tackled the apartment. See, I moved less than a week ago. I moved a lot of stuff. A lot of it was left in the living room. I was going to have people in the living room. So, I had a lot ahead of me. But, two hours of work later, I had a living room and a kitchen!

I ended up having utterlyjaded, hanov3r, chichi, huey, and jimmy over for dinner. I was supposed to have a sitz, too, but his work went splody, and he ended up being on a 6 hour conference call. Poor guy. I do have leftovers for him for chichi to take home with her, though. (Yes, chichi is still here. We're busy giggling at each other and watching Simpsons episodes. Did you know she gets sillier after midnight? It's true! I'm really starting to understand why sitz didn't let chichi and I meet for years. ;) )

Oh yeah, and packet attacked huey. Her timing was hilarious. <huey> packet's the sweetest kitty in the world. She's a wonderful cat. Now, destroy the furniture! <packet> MROW! *swipe*!


I am starting to think that there is actually a good chance that I will be unpacked by the time that I leave for vacation next week. How scary. Of course, I need another bookshelf, and to assemble my coffee and dining room tables. But, the latter will have to wait on me disposing of the ton of cardboard in the dining area. Whee.

But, things are definitely taking shape here. It's really starting to feel like home.

Yay, home.

And, dvorak is on his way to try to bring the colo back up, so maybe I can get some email. And stop using mirc. Those would be good things. :)
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Must must must remember next time to, oh, attach the leany bookshelf to the wall.

Re: Bookshelf!
Oooh, yeah, that would be good. Though, I imagine that if Vger comes over this weekend, he won't let it continue leaning. I think he has visions of coming over some day and finding me crushed under a collapsed shelf. :)

Thanks for coming over!
Re: Bookshelf!
At least that bookshelf is looming over the futon... You'd only kill your guests.
Sorry I didn't manage to get the coffee table together. Did you order the plastic spacer bits?