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Needing DayQuil.

I slept through the night pretty well, thanks to the wonders of NyQuil. I only woke up once, when dvorak came to bed at 8:30 this morning. (I am a pretty light sleeper, so I generally wake up when he comes to bed.) But, I am definitely going to need some DayQuil to make it through the day. I'm pretty sure we have some around here, but I'm also pretty sure that it's in my bedside bin o' random stuff, and I don't want to go pawing through that while dvorak's trying to sleep up for tonight's maintenance. I think I will stop at the drugstore on the way over to Nyarla's this afternoon.

Hrm. Need to update my comics database on the Visor, and to make a list of the comics I want to subscribe to for single issues (yes, I'm giving in to the lure). But maybe after some breakfast. Cherry pie makes for good breakfast, right?
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