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Question answered.

packet can, indeed, thwart my attempts to shut her in a room using a kiddie gate.

Everyone who's surprised, raise your hand.
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This is me, making the shocked face.

You know that you're going to have to resort to locked doors and barricades in combination to keep that beast anywhere it doesn't want to be. :)
I'm only surprised that it took her more than 10 seconds to get out. My 9 week old kitten mastered babygates in less time than that.

Maybe she was just using the time to plan your demise or something.
We used to use two baby gates stacked on top of each other to hold cats in. You may need to use 3, or perhaps it would be simpler to install a screen door...
Packet would rip through a screen door like butter... I think you need to install bars on your bathroom door.