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Well, that's disconcerting.

I've been trying to get in touch with my dad for a few weeks now. Keep in mind that my family is not exactly what you would call close-knit, so the most that I really know about dad's whereabouts at the moment is that he's somewhere in the CONUS going to a couple of schools for work.

I sent him mail this morning, to both of the email addresses that I have for him.

They both bounced as undeliverable.

It doesn't bother me his Hotmail account bounced, really.

But I really do find it distressing that his address bounced.

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Silly to ask you this, cuz, you know, you're a mail admin, but what error did the navy kick back to you?
Got a number or somesuch for his CO? "hi, where the hell did you put my father this time?"

I'd try the Navy one again tomorrow, at any rate, just in case it hit while they were moving users or otherwise breaking stuff.
Actually, judgind by the griping post above yours on my friends list, sidehack may be having mail problems. We must wait and see...