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Ok, Ikea finally showed up and delivered furniture.

After they left, I took off, and stopped by the office to drop off the CD shelf I picked up for timquestionmark and feistydiva (which got delivered with the rest of the Ikea loot), then went to Office Depot to get more boxes (yes, more boxes), and then to CVS to get laundry detergent to replace the detergent I swiped this morning to take to the new apartment.

Home again, and getting ready to go tackle more packing. My back hates me, and I'm going to be unable to move by Saturday night. Also, my body is in one of those fits it gets into where it immediately decides it has to sleep if I have any food, so I'm working on just not eating until it's time for me to go to bed anyway. Not the healthiest thing in the world, but, I really don't have any choice for the next week.

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rawr *Kitty blushes at her tiny rawr*

YaY for Ikea delivery! *cheers!*

(*makes meri something yummy so she can eat/sleep, covers meri with comfy blanket, and very quietly tackles packing, while meri rests*)