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Dear god, dialup sucks.

Here I sit, on the floor of my new apartment, waiting for Ikea and the Salvation Army to show up.

The Ikea debacle this morning failed to amuse me. I was supposed to get a call from the delivery company "sometime between 8AM and 10AM" to inform me of my delivery window. By 10:30, I hadn't heard from them, and I couldn't go down to my car to get the receipts out fo the car, because my cell phone doesn't work in the parking garage, and of course, if I went down there, they would call while I was down there, you see?

I finally realized that I had actually remembered to stuff the notebook with the receipts in it in my backpack last night before heading upstairs, so was able to call them. "Oh, ok, we'll be there between 10AM and 3PM."


(This is where our heroine looks at the clock, and goes, "Why yes, it is 10:30. And I am 25 miles from the apartment! Neat!")

I informed the delivery company that I wouldn't be able to be there until about 11:30, and that they had better not hold me responsible for not being there, since they were supposed to call me and tell me the delivery window, and went about madly throwing things in the car and raced over here.

Once here, I confirmed that no delivery attempt had been made (or at least, no sign of such thing had been left), and then started hauling things up from the car. (Laundry to put in the washer and dryer (real washer and dryer! I can wash blankets! I have blankets that need washing! *glares at packet* Things I'd bought at Ikea. Laundry accoutrements. The like.)

I've got a blanket washing, and a load of dishes and cutlery washing (both new, you see), and still no Ikea.

Of course, I can't find the guy who's supposed to be doing my Salvation Army delivery, and he never really confirmed with me that it would be today, so hrmph. I'm going to be quite peeved if my couch and loveseat don't get delivered today.

So now, I wait. Hrm. I could do a couple more things around here, I guess, and get some work done. Over dialup. Icky!

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