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9 dead sheep, 4 down pillows, and a lighthouse.

coyote and I reattacked Ikea today (sorry, tisiphone, but there are actually three Ikeas within a reasonable drive of me -- Baltimore, College Park, and Woodbridge), and I got most of the rest of what I set out to get, though this store was also out of the extra shelves for my narrow bookshelves. Hrmph.

Again, the whole venture took much longer than anticipated, though we did not encounter the Evil Harpy Woman again (being at another store and all), and coyote and I were confounded by the fact that, although Ikea sells 5"x5" prints, they do not sell 5"x5" frames. Huh.

The loot from both of my shopping expeditions should be delivered on Monday, and they mumbled something about seeing if they could get the delivery company to make it as one delivery, instead of two, but I'm not going to hold my breath on that front.

I came home, and had a quick lunch, and made a tiny bit more progress on packing. dvorak is right. I'm now at the "just throw things into boxes" point, which I shall start doing when I get home tomorrow.

But now, I'm going to go up to Vger's house and see if we can't make room for his sister, in preparation for her impending arrival. And tomorrow, I get to go and give the new apartment complex a check (and a picture of packet) and get keys. Keys!



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