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Today's plans.

I shall depart shortly to pick up Nyarla at her house (and drop off the two cases of Moxie that have been in the trunk of my car since my last trip to Massachusetts), then we shall venture to Merrifield to meet up with coyote.

Then... Ikea assault!

I have this apartment, you see. Or rather, I will, on Sunday. And, I am in need of some necessities. Like, oh, bookshelves. And plates. And cutlery. And a dresser. And and and.

(Yes, yes, I know. Ikea is evil. Shush.)

Then, we shall attempt to meet up with Vger for lunch, which should be interesting, as coyote and Vger are both convinced that the other is imaginary. Silly people.

Then, I shall see who I can drag back here for more of Packing Fest 2003.

Then, I shall collapse. Well, presumably after packing.
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Yay IKEA! :)

I've been waiting for them to put on in across the street from us for years. Some day it might even happen.
They just put one in near me, right by the highway intersection that took four years to rebuild, and got turned into a very weird kinda octopus thing - ramps going everywhere.

If you don't get there a half-hour before opening you get to spend hours orbiting the parking lot looking for, well, a place to park.