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So, I bought this pair of boots on clearance from the Torrid website months ago, on the off chance that they might actually fit. I was, sadly, disappointed. Like all other tall boots, they would not zip over my calves. (I have big calves even when thin. I am not thin now.)

I came across the box tonight while packing, and figured, "Hey, my pants and skirts fall off of me now. Maybe...."

And they fit!

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First: Congrats!!! That's a very accomplished feeling, I'm sure.
If it makes you feel better to know, all short women are at a disadvantage with tall boots! It's the way the muscles have to adapt to not having as much bone to wrap itself around. Therefore, we get to wrassle the boot up farther on our legs where we are meatier rather than where it was engineered, a bit lower down.
I've adjusted one set of killah boots- mail order and unlikely that they'd take em back. Necessity the mother of invention. I should snd a pic of them to you sometime.
Still: short women ROCK!
That's great! BTW, how's your weight loss coming along? I haven't heard a tally in a while.