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[packet] State of the hellbeast.

So, I took packet in today for her follow-up visit, to see how she's recovering from the whole hepatic lipidosis episode. Her blood work came back perfect. As in, we can't tell that she was ever sick. Yay, packet! They don't actually know why her voice changed, but don't think it's anything serious. They do admit that she sounds very strange now. :)

She's also up to 12.6 pounds, which is about as much as they want to let her weigh. I am going to do my best to wean her off the wet food, though, because it's driving me insane. They said that if she will eat the dry weight-control foods, that would be ok.

However, that will make the newest bit of packet's regimen even more of a pain in the ass. I have a prescription for buspar for her, which I have to give to her orally, twice a day. Oy. I have asked hanov3r to make me some armor. :)

Oh, and it turns out that the vets know packet now. They took precautions.
Interesting how cat muzzles apparently cover the eyes...

So tell me about I'm looking for a place to host pictures..
burly-mango is my primary web site. I have the gallery program set up, and if you're not going to be hosting huge numbers of pictures (and aren't going to have really high-traffic photos), I can probably set up a sub album for you to use.
Packet is known to use claws as well as teeth. I suspect covering her eyes makes it more difficult for her to claw people.