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[DC/VA/MD] Calling all strong backs!

The time approaches for me to move my worldly possessions from Alexandria, VA, to Centreville, VA. The great event is planned for Saturday, September 13th, 2003, (two weeks from tomorrow) starting at 10AM until whenever we finish. I will have a big-old-truck (tm), and all of my stuff will be packed beforehand (stop laughing, it will!). The vast majority of what I will be moving will be in boxes, with a few exceptions (bed, a few bookshelves, a laundry sorter, etc).

Standard bribes apply. Please let me know if you're available and willing. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Aloha and mahalo!
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I believe you :) And I have complete confidence that you'll be ready, and my help will be to strive not to distract you from your diligent efforts to box everything up!

Wish I could help with the packing, though!
Ooh, you're moving even closer to my parent's house (Fairfax Station). Now I have even less reason not to see you next I'm in VA.