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packet's a weirdo.

So, I despise feeding packet canned food. I have a real aversion to icky (the technical term, you know) textures and smells, and lemme tell you, canned cat food is right up there on both of those scales.

Last night, I tried giving packet some Whiskas or some such, since she had shown interest in such things at Nyarla's house, and it's easier to dump out a packet (hee) than to dig things out of a can. Amusingly, packet reacted to the food in the exact same way she did at Nyarla's: she licked up all of the broth, but left the actual meat bits.

Hrmph. Back to the drawing board. In the meantime, her feeder has been filled with the vile cat food, so she's set for the weekend. I still think that this whole illness thing was a ploy to get me to start feeding her wet food.
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Our cats do the same thing to the packets of broth and solid cat foods, too.
You could buy raw meat and prepare food for her from scratch if you wanted, or try feeding her a mixture of cooked meat pieces and biscuits, if that's good for her at the moment.
That assumes that cooking meat is less icky for you than digging highly processed meat-like crud out of a can.
Cooking meat is definitely less icky, but I have a small problem in that I don't remember to cook for me, much less the cat. :) I suppose I could cook up weekly batches or something. I wonder how good of an idea it is to get her actually liking real flesh, tho. ;)