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Ok, so the meme is to go through and list how you know / where you met the (non-community) people on your friends list. Swiped from thren and chorus. Folks I've met in 'real life' are in italic.

I suspect that the vast majority of the people on my list will fall into one of four categories: work, irc, gweepdom, susboids. We shall see.

_nicolai_: Met via IRC. Met in person at least once (maybe more?), but definitely at LISA 1999.
acdprime: Former co-worker. Used to share an office with him. We do not have similar music tastes. ;)
agaran: Co-worker, though he's in the wrong state.
agthorr: gweep.
andr00: Former co-worker, still see him on IRC now and again. Used to scare the hell out of me.
anyhow: gweep. Needs to come around and say hi more.
arcticelf: gweep, met through jehanna. Takes his shirt off a lot. No. Really.
ardaniel: gweep. But! I met her years ago via weds's usenet group.
asdfjlk: gweep. Former co-worker. Incredibly sweet man. Someone find him a job where he doesn't have to wear ties.
ataxia: Former co-worker. Haven't seen or talked to her in many years.
audiogeek: gweep, hubby of kazmat, all-around nice guy.
autumnesquirrel: gweep, or gweep-by-association.
awfief: "Met" via solipsistnation, then met in person when I went to interview at Tufts. Co-worker of fubar, keshwyn.
blackanvil: Susboid. Lives in the area, and still I've never met him.
bluegargantua: gweep. Met him once at a movie night. Freaked out by midget nuns.
lifecollage: Neat lady, met through fubar.
bouncingleaf: Former co-worker, gweep, IRC, terrific friend. Shares the meribrain. Don't talk to her nearly enough anymore.
broken_gizmo: This, uh, would be me.
bruhinb: Susboid.
bryant: Met via IRC. Came up to interview at The Evil Company, who I don't think ever got around to giving him a job offer.
brynna: Don't actually know her. I think I found her via the "find people with similar interests" LJ thing.
buddhagrrl: gweep. Met once at the 10th anniversary party. Really neat person.
callmyname: Don't remember how we found each other, but I'm glad we did.
catness: Met via IRC. Amazing woman. Geek, but rides around in an ambulance these days.
ceo: Susboid.
chaoticgoodnik: Saw her commenting in ardaniel's journal, looked interesting. I was right!
chibidl: lothie's daughter. Sometimes susboid.
chorus: Met either via IRC or usenet (her group, or weds's, not sure which). Will meet her in person some day, damnit.
colinmac: Former co-worker. Plus, everyone knows Colin!
cos: Met via IRC. Is an alien. From another planet.
cz_unit: Susboid. Neat guy. The universe is conspiring to not let me meet him, even though he lives near here.
czarl: lizzielizzie's boy. gweep. Spent time in Hawaii.
damerell: weds's boy. Met via usenet.
dariusk: gweep. Keeps coming to Virginia and not seeing me. Hrmph. Part of the Unnamed Band.
darkness_dragon: Former co-worker.
dasubergeek: Found via comments in ardaniel's journal.
delenn1122: usagijer's sweetie. One of my dearest friends. I've never met someone more like me before in my life.
desertlover: gweep.
dezteny: She found me, I think?
dglenn: Susboid. Another one I haven't met, even though he lives around me.
erajia: qedrakmar's other half.
donnerjack: Found via ardaniel's journal.
dr_memory: Met via IRC. Never actually managed to meet him in person. My car is named after him.
dvorak: Met via IRC, then at a mutual friend's house in California. Co-worker. Was my other half for 6.5 years. Geek. Really nice guy. Just got his eyes lasered.
eac: Met via colinmac, once or twice. Now lives too far away for me to see.
eczt: Former co-worker. I miss her!
enigmaticfox: usagijer's wonderfully talented cousin. Creator of Kimo, the burly mango.
etherial: gweep.
f00f: gweep.
feistydiva: timquestionmark's other half, and a fabulous lady.
fidgetmonster: Met via pir and fubar.
geoffroi: Met via IRC. Really neat guy, even if he did abandon us down here in VA and move back up to MA. I miss his cats. ;)
gizmoek: gweep. Puts up with jokes about her age remarkably well.
gweepprefect: gweep. Met via IRC.
hanov3r: Met via coyote. Really nice guy, and one often subjected to my late-night fits of angst.
huaman: Met via IRC, or maybe usenet.
hyphen8d: Not sure how I got here from there. :)
iajomaa: Eeeeevil!
invader_haywire: gweep.
jbsegal: Susboid. One day, I'll make it to Baitcon.
jehanna: Met... hrm. Either via IRC or usenet. Actually, possibly met at Purgatory first. One of my dearest friends.
jhim: Co-worker. Sits in the next office. Lets me say that I know a comic book character. How cool is that?
mindways: Met via usenet first, I think, then at Purgatory. Incredibly sweet guy. keshwyn's other half.
jmdodd: Oh wow. Digging through the brain cells. Met via IRC first, I think, then in person when dvorak, winter, she, and I shared an apartment after she moved up from Louisiana.
jonyb: gweep.
jwz: Internet supahstah.
kadnkadnk: gweep. She sticks out in my mind because she always introduces herself, which is incredibly helpful when you're meeting 80 people all at once. Very very sweet.
kathrynt: Susboid.
kazmat: Um. Um. ... I'm not sure. IRC? Usenet? Via usagijer? One of my best friends in the world. I trust her with my life.
kentarokurahone: Found via ardaniel's journal, seemed neat, decided to keep him. :)
keshwyn: gweep. I think I first met her at Purgatory. Sweet smart lady. With lots of hair.
kmhoofnagle: The wife of a co-worker, but a really cool woman in her own right. I haven't seen her in eons, though!
krikket: Susboid.
kviri: gweep. I think I first met him on IRC, or usenet. Didn't talk to him really until the night on usagijer's porch after my first Purgatory. One of my bestest friends.
lagaz: gweep. One of the ones to convert me to the dark side of gothdom. I probably first met her at a pissup or at usagijer and slarti's apartment.
lekvar: IRC. Haven't talked to him in years.
lizzielizzie: gweep. Probably first talked to her on usenet, then IRC, and met her my first Purgatory.
lothie: I haven't managed to meet Madame Lothie, but I really really wanna. Undoubtedly first encountered her on elbows.
lucasthegray: gweep. First met him at a Purgatory. He let me and gizmoek tattoo his head!
lusty: First met her on IRC. Met her in person at a mutual friend's house. She now works for one of the vendors we use at work.
lyadann: gweep. First encountered via solipsistnation's journal. Or maybe jehanna's.
mangosteen: First met on IRC years before we met in person. FIrst met in person last summer, in the North End in Boston.
tisiphone: First encountered in either _nicolai_ or pir's journal. (Actually, first knew about her via a very amusing mispaste by _nicolai_ into IRC, but that's another story.)
mephron: gweep. First encountered via ardaniel's journal. First met at a gweep pissup.
meranthi: Picked up via kviri and keshwyn's journals, I think.
miabella: Found in resilient's journal. Neat person!
milknut: gweep. First knew about her through gweepprefect. First met her at jehanna and solipsistnation's wedding.
mizarchivist: First met through fubar at one of kazmat's parties.
murph_grrl: gweep. First met at a Purgatory, I think.
obra: Undoubtedly first met on IRC. Have met in person many times since. He's put up with me admirably over the years.
palegreyminion: gweep. First met at a Purgatory. Has a wonderful house, some gorgeous horses, incredibly cute animals, and a really sweet husband.
pawo: Former co-worker. gweep. First met in person at a Purgatory.
petit_chou: Don't remember how I found her journal, but she's neat.
phil_ji: The librarian at my high school. The coach for the Quizzard team. The guy who let me hide out in the library for years on end. Nice fellow. :)
pir: First met on IRC years and years ago. Have met several times since then. My brain still pictures him with long hair.
kkpixie: Susboid. Makes me long for my misspent youth.
popecrunch: Found via lothie's journal.
profesor: gweep. First met at a Purgatory. Incredibly sweet guy. Robots!
prowler1971: Former co-worker. gweep.
fubar: First met on IRC years and years ago. First met him in person at a gather in Boston when dvorakand I were up for Veritas training and geoffroi took us to meet folks at John Harvard's. I had thought he was a Brit until I met him.
damned_colonial: Met on IRC about a year ago?
qedrakmar: gweep. First met at a Purgatory. Remarkable man. Very silly.
quackpack1: Co-worker. Landlord of one of my best friends. Has a stuffed Eeyore tied to his jeep.
railwaymadness: First met via colinmac years ago at a group outing to a computer show.
resilient: First met on IRC years and years ago. Didn't meet in person until she came out this way for a consulting job a couple of years ago. Recently reconnected via LJ.
rhiannonstone: Found via some LJ community. Neat person!
rigel: gweep. Met at a Purgatory.
ronebofh: Oh goodness. Met via usenet (of sorts) years ago. Never met in person.
sauergeek: First met on IRC years ago. First met in person... sometime in the last year or two? Oh right! He came to VA for his job a number of times, and we kept going for seafood. My brain also pictures him with long hair, still, even though it isn't.
scromp: IRC? Usenet? Both?
simonb: Old-time IRC connection. Haven't talked in years.
illspoken: Former co-worker. First met via IRC.
sla: gweep. First met via usenet, then in person at a Purgatory.
slarti: gweep. Frist met via IRC, then in person at the apartment he shared with usagijer and pawo.
solipsistnation: gweep. Former co-worker. The male version of me, in many ways. (No. Really. Ask jehanna.)
frozencapybara: gweep. First met at a Purgatory, undoubtedly through kviri.
tamidon: Susboid.
tarzxf: gweep. Met through ardaniel.
tdbouchet: We went to high school together. (Dear god, high school.) I lived next door to her for several months right after I moved to Hawaii.
tenu: Former co-worker. Incredibly cute and smart and funny and talented. Finally met her in person when she and toadkillr came down to VA, in a silly night at Denny's.
that_xmas: gweep. Former co-worker (of sorts). First remember meeting him at the gweepNet 10th anniversary party.
trystero: gweep. First met at a Purgatory. Responsible for getting me hooked on new music, and making me want to learn to play the guitar. I never see him anymore, though. :(
thespian: Susboid. I always wanted to meet her, but chances were slim when she was in Atlanta, and now she's up in Canada. Hrmph!
thren: gweep. Only met her once, I think, at Purgatory.
timquestionmark: Co-worker. Someone I drag out for margaritas and mexican food. He's never in town for our gatherings, though. Hrmph!
tiny_rhino: gweep. First met at a Purgatory, where she was easy to find as the only other Asian person there.
toadkillr: Former co-worker. I hear he eats things that don't originate from cardboard boxes these days.
tunehappy Another high school friend. Was one of my best friends in the 8th grade (dear god, the 8th grade!), then something weird happened. She found me again a couple of years ago, and we started talking, but we've drifted apart again. Need to fix that.
uncarvedgeek: Former co-worker, from multiple places. One of my best friends, certainly one of my oldest friends. I don't talk to him nearly enough any more.
usagijer: gweep. Co-worker. One of my best friends. One of the first people I got to close to in a very long time. Incredibly sweet.
vvalkyri: Susboid. First met via cos years ago, when she sat in my apartment as cos made us listen to Head and Leg.
weds: First met via IRC, then usenet. I think that's the order, at least. Met her once about 5 or 6 years ago (yeep!) when she stopped in Maryland for something. She tried to dye my hair blue. It had other ideas. Must see her again soon.
xeger: Met via IRC, then met in person when she moved (briefly) to the DC area. She's now married to a former co-worker of mine. The world is a very small place.
yehoshua: Met via IRC. But, he doesn't really exist, so that's ok.
yesthattom: Susboid. Met briefly at LISA 1999.
yevgene: Former co-worker. Still see on IRC these days.
z_gryphon: gweep. Met first at solipsistnation and jehanna's wedding, I think. The world will end if we ever manage to be in the same place at the same time again.
zonereyrie: gweep. First met via the adminspotting shirt run, IIRC. Or maybe the ascend-users list. First met in person at some gweep gathering, I'm sure.

Wow. That took entirely too long. Also, for those not in the know, Purgatory is the annual gweep picnic. We're not all really hanging around in some unresolved state. Well, maybe we are, but that's not what it means in this context.
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