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Want to find new doctor while I'm thinking about it.

Don't have the silly "member directory" thingie.

Insurance company's web site telling me it doesn't know my username, won't tell me what it is, won't tell me what my password is.

Phone number for the tech support desk closed 2 minutes before I called.

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story of my life
11:26<*chime*> ok, do you have a # for your dental plan?
11:29<*chime*> also, if you can today, please print out a list of participating dentists for your dental plan
11:31<*chime*> and what should i tell the furnace guy? the one in the basement is buzzing and the one upstairs doesn't work very well...
11:36<*scromp>chime*> god
11:36<*scromp>chime*> i HATE that i have to log into some fucking secure site just to look up basic dental plan info
11:36<*scromp>chime*> this kind of shit is why i never get any of this done
11:37<*scromp>chime*> i've got like fifty fucking different ids and pin numbers that i never have on hand when i need to use them
11:37<*scromp>chime*> the 401k site is the worst, if you forget that you have to request a reset...via snail mail!
11:38<*scromp>chime*> it takes like 10 days
11:38<*scromp>chime*> by the time it comes in the mail I've forgotten what I was doing in the first place
11:38<*scromp>chime*> AND it seems like they use a different provider every year so not only does the id/pin change but so does the entire site layout
11:40<*chime*> muscle through, my good man.. i'm calling every dentist on that list if i have to