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Need. More. Fans.

The temperature in the apartment keeps fluctuating madly, depending on any number of factors. Unfortunately, I'm kind of on a cooking kick right now (which is odd, since I'm certainly not on an eating kick right now), and that adds to the heat in the apartment. Despite the $350 electricity bill this month (yes, that's right), the air conditioner just can't keep up. I find myself spending a lot of time at my desk when I would rather be on the couch reading or even with my laptop simply because my desk has a fan right next to it. I almost gave in and bought a couple of standing fans when I was at Home Depot yesterday (the day before?) looking for a bookshelf, but didn't, thinking, "Eh, summer's almost gone." I think I will definitely have to be making a stop somewhere between the doctor's and buying dinner fixings tomorrow.

Melty meri.
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