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*tink* *tink* Is this thing on?

Haven't been posting much lately (though I have been commenting madly), but I am still alive and mostly well.

Let's see....

I joined the growing number of people using the component livejournal layout. Still not entirely sure what I think of it. Anyone else using it on a high-res screen? (I run at 1600x1200). Something in my brain really dislikes having to read all the way across the screen to read a line. (Yes, I run my browser maximized.)

My wrists have been particularly unhappy of late, and my attempts to find my wrist splints have been spectacularly fruitless. My orthopedist said that I can get a new set... for $85. (Yeesh.)

Called the new apartment complex today since I was gripped by this sudden feeling of dread that something was going Terribly Wrong and something was awry and I wouldn't get the apartment. Everything is, of course, fine. I will be getting the keys on September 7th (more on this in the next bit), and am currently planning on moving on September 13th (DC area folks, if anyone feels like lending a hand, I won't say no :) ). Standard bribes apply. Please let me know if you think you can make it so I can figure out how many hands I'll have. The plan is to have everything boxed and ready to go when people show up. (More on adventures in packing later.)

However, since I need to be in Virginia on September 7th to get the keys... the Massachusetts people probably see where this is going. It's looking like I may not be able to make it to Purgatory this year. I know, I know. It really upsets me, too. But, it's going to be a crazy time, right with the moving and everything, and I really shouldn't spend the money for airfare. Driving would be an option, except that it'd be a wicked short trip, and driving up and back for basically a day is insane, even for me. This saddens me greatly. :(

I went to Ikea this weekend, to take a look at the couch and the bed that I thought that I wanted, based upon the catalog. I definitely do not want the couch. After some highly scientific testing (read: sitting on every couch Ikea sells), I've come to the conclusion that it's not really possible to get a sofa bed that is actually comfortable as a sofa. So, I'll probably be getting a separate futon couch bed thingie to put in the office of the new place for house guests. But, even though the couch was a disappointment, I did like the bed that I had picked out, so it wasn't a total loss.

packet is still in quarantine, and will be until Friday. She's eating, peeing, and pooping on her own (aren't you all glad to know all this?), and is, in the words of the vet office staff, "fiesty." Nyarla posits that now would be a good time to talk to the vet about behavior-modifying meds for the cat, since she didn't seem to believe me before, but has now experienced packet's attitude first hand. A wise woman, that Nyarla.

Still haven't made any new progress on packing, as I'm sure dvorak will be glad to confirm. :) Between the packet thing and the wrist thing and the not being home thing and the work thing, I've been running short on time. But, I'm hoping to make some real progress on it this week (stop laughing!). Anyone want to come over and harass me into packing? I don't really need someone to help me pack. I just need someone to stop me from going, "Oooh! Shiny!" at every third thing I pick up.

I saw some truly fantastic costumes at Otakon this weekend. Laughed myself silly at the Mystery Anime Theater 3000 with kviri. Completely failed to see zonereyrie. Hopefully, some of my pictures came out.

I finally made some progress on getting my work cell phone transferred to me, so hopefully I can get a new phone and a reasonable usage plan (which is certainly not the one my employer is currently playing for) without getting rid of my phone number. (Yes, I know that LNP is happening in November, but the phone is under work's control right now, so I can't do anything with it.)

Spent some time with friends, and that was good. Had some long talks with some people, and that was mostly good. Confused the hell out of someone, and that's not so good. Going to have to work on that. Just as soon as I figure out how to unconfuse myself. (Confused yet?)

lyadann's adventures remind me that I need to redye my hair, and have needed to for quite some time. Maybe tonight.

Need to take dvorak in to the eye doctor on Wednesday, so they can laser his eyes. Good lord. 8:30 AM. Yipe.

Plotted with coyote and other friends to try to do something for another friend.

Plotted with yet a different friend to do something for another unrelated friend.

Tentatively picked Saturday, October 25th for a housewarming party. I figure if I have a target date, I'll actually unpack and stuff. (HEY! I said to stop laughing!)

Welcome to gweepprefect and pawo.

I'm sure there's other stuff, but my brain is not remembering. I'll try to get back into the habit of actually posting. (Aren't you thrilled?)


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