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On the plus side...

Since I don't have to worry about tending to packet this weekend, I guess this means that I'm free to attend Otakon this weekend. kviri, how in the world are we going to work net access? :)

kviri, zonereyrie, see you there!
Oh shoot. I keep forgetting about Otakon; this weekend we will be out of town.

Have a good time!
I'm hoping mine does, too. These days I'd be suprised to find a major hotel that doesn't given the absurd rates they can charge.

The real question is, do I bring an 802.11b access point with me, or do I just set up my notebook as a router? Oh, and should I get a Cantenna?
Two laptops. Two geeks. One net connection. :)

Hrm. I need to get a cable modem wireless thingie anyway. Maybe we'll hit a CompUSA? :)
I wish I could go. However, the damn job thing has, THIS WEEKEND, the Emergency Test that means I have to be there Friday until 10 PM. And I don't want to go to Otakon for Saturday/Sunday. (Especially with the hotel sitch.)
Please tell me when you get back whether Johnny Yong Bosch is still cute. :) (He's an American Con guest.)