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Oh goodness, what a bad idea.

This is profesor's fault. I just sat down and figured out how much, per pound, packet has cost me over the course of the last week.

$253.91 / pound, before taking into account today's charges.

That's just not right.

But, the kitty is on the mend. They're taking out her feeding tube today, and took out her IV over the weekend. It seems she ate on her own all weekend, and has taken to attacking the vets and nurses, which I personally take to be a good sign, considering.

I'm going to go fetch the beastie soon, and hopefully, she won't have to go back to the vet for a few days at least.

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Dear me. And that cat's over 10 pounds. Wow.

BTW, your new userpic is amazingly cute.
Dear me. And that cat's over 10 pounds. Wow.

Yeah, that was calculated at today's weight. The grand total since Tuesday is $2,742.27 (oof). Many many thanks to dvorak for subsidizing and loaning this venture, as I wouldn't have been able to do it on my own.

BTW, your new userpic is amazingly cute.

Hee! Thank you. I figured I'd have to take advantage of her being mostly immobile to try to get a picture with her.
Good God! I've bought cars for less than that! Cars that worked!

(No, I'm not taking the boorish route and suggesting that you oughtn't to have paid that much to have your cat fixed. I'm just sort of generally goggling and sputtering at the cost of medical treatment.)
I paid about $1700 to turn my male cat, Gravy, in to a tripod. The alternative was his eventual death as the cancerous tumor would have most definitely spread. The decision time coincided with my 2002 bonus program payout which made it easier -- the finances weren't really an issue. It's amazing how much people will spend on their animals, though. I could have opted for chemo and the whole nine yards but I figured he'd be going through enough learning how to walk and jump minus a hind leg. So far so good.
I'm very glad she's recovering, and sorry I tempted you into calculating how much she cost you per pound. FWIW, she's cost you less per pound but more overall than Nasdaq...
That's because Nas isn't even enough for a good meal, whereas you might be able to feed an entire family where packet's concerned. You pay money for that kind of economy. ;)
Sends love to Packet.

Out biggest cat. 22 pounds. His kitty name was Shadow, but we nicknamed him Moose :p His twin sister was so petite... if she tipped the scale at 10 pounds, we'd all have been shocked.
You can get some truly excellent caviar for that price. Or saffron.
And worth it!
I'm so glad Packet is recovering. A packet over sonnet, indeed!

My sick cat is doing better too, tho not running up quite the per-pound bills, even tho she's lost a lot of weight.

If money's a problem, let me know.