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[packet] packet update. 2003/07/31 AM.

Just got back from picking up packet from Nyarla and huey's house and taking her back to the vet. She seems to have had a good night, and continues to really approve of the gravy from Whiskas wet food, and really just not at all interested in the vet-prescribed food. (As Nyarla says, we can hardly blame her. The stuff looks and smells vile.)

She used her litter box once as far as I can tell, which is a good thing, and still thinks her carrier is the best place in the world to be. (packet's a mutant, you see.)

Also! She's gained weight! We weighed her at the vet this morning, and she's up to 10.8 pounds! Go go gadget kitty!

Here's hoping she eats on her own today. That would be very nifty.

And, commenting on the pictures from yesterday:

<yehoshua> poor borg kitty
<yehoshua> didn't even get a paw replaced with one of those whizbang borg paws, either
<yehoshua> Seems like the least they could have done for putting packet through all this
<broken_gizmo> oh right. like i need packet with borg paws.
<yehoshua> Every feline needs to be able to destroy humanity
<asdfjlk> what? no battery terminals on the neck?
<asdfjlk> no airfoil and spoiler? where's the kanji characters and the 'type r' badge?
* yehoshua wants to watch asdfjlk shave/dye/otherwise imprint kanji on packet
<yehoshua> Go on, I dare you

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