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packet update, and pictures

Right. Uh. Let's see.

For those who don't know what happened yesterday, you can get caught up here.

Last night, I had to take packet out of the regular vet to the emergency overnight vet, because they didn't want to leave her alone during the night. This process took... entirely too long. I got to Banfield (regular vet) at 7. I got to the emergency vet at 8. (Yes, it took me an hour to get out of the vet's office. Little did I know...) I ended up getting out of the emergency vet's at 9:45. (Let me tell you, if there's any way you can avoid spending nearly 2 hours at an emergency vet just waiting, do so. Really. Not fun at all.)

Today, I visited packet at 2PM or so, and she was a good bit more functional than she had been yesterday. Still very wobbly, but her back legs seemed to at least function, which was a hell of a lot better than it had been the previous day. She was still *very* affectionate, which continues to weird me out. (Yes, yes, I know, but this is packet we're talking about.) They (the good folks at Banfield) informed me that packet should be able to skip the overnight vet, but would need to go home with me.

This was more than my little brain could cope with, so Nyarla jumped to the rescue, and took control of the situation. (Have I mentioned lately that I love you dearly, Nyarla?) I picked Nyarla up at 7, and we went to fetch packet, and took her to Chez Callison, where packet proceeded to show a continued affection for her carrier (yes, packet *likes* her carrier; until the breakup, she would sleep in it - that makes sense, I promise, I just don't feel like explaining). She also licked up some broth from some wet cat food, but continues to be unimpressed with the vet-prescribed "maximum calorie" formula.

I have to have her back at the vet's at 8AM tomorrow, so I'm going to go try to sleep soon. Many many thanks to huey and Nyarla (especially Nyarla) for saving packet from a completely fried meri.

Pictures from today's adventures are available here.
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Even though this is packet, cats in general tend to get very affectionate when they are hurt or sick. Our cat that had a broken hip always wanted to be near someone and purred constantly when there was someone there.
Sounds like she's perking up a tad. Glad to hear it. Neal can tell you how I was wandering around yesterday angsting over the poor thing. :}
Wait, there's "maximum calorie" food? My cat, who has never weighed more than about 5.5 lbs, has been under 5 lbs for a while now and I'm really worried about her. I took her to the vet, who doesn't really think there's a problem, but I really would like to fatten her up at least a little. The vet never mentioned any sort of "maximum calorie" food. What is that stuff?
Yup yup. It appears to be prescription only, which is not too hard to get, from what I understand, and it is not expensive (99 cents a can). Here's a link to the product. Warning: The stuff looks and smells vile and packet never developed an interest in it, but it might be worth a shot for your beastie. :)