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packet update

Just got back from the vet.

packet has been hospitalized. She has been diagnosed with heptatatic lipidosis, which means that her body, lacking any other nutritional source, has started consuming its own liver. They will be surgically inserting a feeding tube today, and figure she might be in the hospital for about a week. They have projected a 50% chance of surviving the lipidosis, and then they have to figure out why she stopped eating in the first place.

She's down to 10 pounds. Her hind legs aren't working at all, and her front legs are only marginally working. It might give some of you an idea as to how sick she is that during the entire ride, wait at the vet's office, exams, claw clipping, and all of that... she didn't once try to bite me. She would, in fact, try to crawl over to me any time I had to step away with her, and would only stop mewling if I was in contact with her. :(

Please keep your fingers crossed for the little hell beast. She needs all the luck she can get.
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