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Tell me again why I have a cat?

packet apparently missed the memo wherein animals are supposed to learn that they're supposed to provide comfort and stress relief. Either that, or she just doesn't care, which is just as - if not more - likely.

She just came in here while dvorak and I were talking, and purposefully peed on my bed. Well, on my comforter. The only redeeming fact of this cat is that she rarely pees directly onto the large things that can't be washed. But, but.

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you know, normally I'm a staunch advocate of people keeping their pets. I realize this is vaguely hypocritical, since I gave my beagle to my mother when I developed an allergic reaction to him (which I still have, I discovered this morning, if he stays more than a few hours), but all the same, barring a situation like that (in which I knew he was going to a really good home and was going to have a better time than I could show him anyway), I tend to feel that people, having acquired pets, ought to stick it out.

I'm allergic to cats. Then I take a Clarinex and I'm good to go. I may be alergic to dogs too, I don't know really, but doesn't matter, still want one, just have to pop a pill =)
Whe my mom volunteered for the animal league, and she got a cat that peed/sprayed all over the place, she had the cat put to sleep. Nobody would want to adopt such a cat, and my mother didn't want her house to smell like urine. czarl gets mad at me for thinking the same way.

Then again, my mother's most favorite animal once peed in the stove, and he didn't get the needle. So his rule was not uniformly applied.

Thankfully Fred is very clean - his only issue is he has a tendency to ruin carpets (and sofas, it seems...) by sharpening his claws on them.
My cat has done that only when she's in a terrible territorial pissing war with another cat and when she's very very upset. It's possible your cat is as stressed out as you are and is using the only way that comes to mind at that moment to gain your explicit attention.