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The world concedes a point to me.

The apartment complex just called. The application I submitted this weekend has been approved! As of 9/7, it will be mine.

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OK, now that I've had it explained to me that you wanted to move in September... )


("Yay!" was already taken... )
Near is a very relative term. It's closer to Boston than to San Francisco, for exmaple.
I'm happy for you! I also just checked out your website and oh my gosh, that is so cool that you use to go to Matthew C. Perry High School in MCAS Iwakuni, Japan too! I'm also a military brat and lived in Iwakuni for four years. Also, Mr. McKibben sounds familiar, I think it's time for me to look through my old yearbooks again! LOL I looks like we've traveled in the same circles (Japan, Hawaii, and I almost got deployed to Kuwait for next month, but I got out of it). Can I add you as a friend?