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packet just stole part of my lunch.

This is not, in and of itself, horribly unusual.

But, what she stole was... a green bean.

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Your cat is weeeeird! heh - you should talk to bluedolfyn, her dog eats blueberries (loves them, actually, I've never seen anything quite like it).
My dog eats most fruit voluntarily, and can be persuaded to eat most vegetables too. Dogs are omnivores, much like humans -- they just have a digestive system that's more geared toward meat than ours.
Dogs and Blue Berrys
OUr Black Lab/Golden retirver mutt in Alaska loved to eat blue berrys, should would curle up on under a bush and eat all the berries off it, then move on.

She didn't like other vegetables or fruits though, she always wanted to try them though, apparetnyl if people eat it it should be good, and even if its not the people clearly gave the dog somthing other then what they were eating... Or perhaps she just forgot she didn.t like vegetables every 30 seconds or so...

Goddess Bless
When I was at home for my sister's wedding, I got my parents' dog to eat white seedless grapes. She chewed them and everything. Heehee!
I have a friend who had a cat that liked eggs and vegetables. Wasn't particularly fond of meat. Just veggies. :)