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Foot update.

Walking today hurts more than it did yesterday. Crap.

Doctor's office opens in 48 minutes. I will be on the phone to them in 48 minutes.

Don't suppose anyone in DC/VA wants to take me to the doctor, eh? I hate doctors. Trying to not hyperventilate.

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Well, if it makes you feel any better, going to the doctor scares me too. Ask palegreyminion how I took it when I learned I had ruptured a disc. The good news is that I survived and am recovering very well.
Mmm... Unfortunately I did not bring the car in to work today. Can you take a cab?

As it happens, I crashed in Arlington last night. Just woke up, so I'm not sure whether you're still looking for a ride or willing to wait until I'm together and moving, but ring me at 703-533-9775 if you still need a ride. Is there a number where I should call you to check in before I leave here?
Oops! So sorry. I left the house around 11, and never saw this. Thank you very much for the offer, though.