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Minutiae! Get your minutiae here!

I woke up this morning when dvorak came to bed at 6, and kind of stared at the ceiling for a while. This would have worked better had I actually been able to see the ceiling, of course. But no matter, an hour later, I was asleep again. I finally dug myself out of bed at 9:30 or so, and went and soaked in some water for a while. Or rather, let the water pummel me while I read. As I turned off the water, I heard voices from the bedroom, which was odd. Turns out I'd forgotten to turn off my alarms, and they were blaring. Eeep! Since dvorak had only been asleep for like 4 hours, and since he always gets up when this happens (maybe four or five times a year), I felt really bad, especially since he's trying to adjust for a killer maintenance later this week. As I went over to the bed to turn off the clock, I realized dvorak was still in bed, still asleep. Yow. Must be a very tired boy.

And now I'm here, back in front of the computer, in my natural habitat. My back itches, but I can't reach where the itchy parts are to cover them in aloe. That will wait for dvorak to wake up. I am feeling panicky, for many and sundry reasons, but am determined not to take xanax. I can work through this. (Perhaps I'm being foolish. I've still not managed to take a full pill since I got my prescription almost 2 months ago. I think I've taken a grand total of three-quarters of a pill. It just makes me so groggy, and I always have things I need to be doing.) Tomorrow is layoff day, and while I don't think I'm on the list, you never really know, you know? And, even if I survive, I know that this time around there are going to be people that I care about who get smacked with the layoff stick. Survivors' guilt strikes again.

I've been forgetting to take my nightly meds. Two days in a row now. Oops.

On the plus side, I got permission to not go into the office from Boston for a few days next month (as opposed to not going into the office from Virginia, you see), so it looks like I'll be able to go up early for Purgatory and maybe see some folks that always manage to get neglected when I go up. Of course, I think I will wait until Wednesday night to buy the tickets. You know, to see if I still have a job and whatnot.


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