January 13th, 2004

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Can't sleep.

Clowns will eat me.

I finally gave up around 5, when I woke up for the 10th time that night. I've been cross-stitching, though, so that is good.

And, I will have a short day at work.

Small blessings.
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Shamelessly stolen from mephron.

From here, by way of mephron.

To end the evening, Peter told one last story about a gag that was played on Viggo Mortenson during filming at Dunharrow. Peter gave Hugo Weaving a pair of Matrix-style glasses, and as Viggo entered the king’s tent to meet with Elrond, Hugo Weaving stood up, removed his cloak, revealed his glasses, and said: "Your Dunedain disguise cannot fool me, Mr. Anderson." Peter called this the "ultimate geek moment."
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My queendom for a comfy chair!

So, the chair I've been using in fuzzichi and Mark's office squeaks. And it drives me batty. So I went and stole the chair from my office (you know, the one I never actually sit in), and it doesn't squeak... but something about its ergonomics is making my back very owie, and I can't figure out the adjustments. (I'm really really bad about chair adjustment. I missed that gene, somehow.)

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Dress for sale.

So, some of the gweeps will remember this dress from the Christmas party.

It is literally 6 pounds of velvet, and is way WAY too big for me now. It is roughly size 24ish, and is an awesome dress, as I hope some people here can testify to.

Anyway, I'm looking at offloading it, since it seems like such a shame to have it sitting in my closet. I will probably post it on gothauctions or some such, but thought I'd see if anyone here had any interest first.