December 15th, 2003

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And why is it nobody ever gives me gift certificates to sex toy shops, huh?


This is a travesty!

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Less meri update.

So, last night, I took my measurements for the first time since I ordered the Dress of Doom for last year's Gweep xmas party. Since last November, I have:
  • Lost 7" off of my waist.
  • Lost 8" off of my hips.
  • Lost 2" off of my chest.

I am now at 225, which puts me down 65 pounds since September 2002.

fuzzichi and I went dress shopping for the AOL holiday party today, and it turns out that I am no longer a size 20. Nope. I'm now a size 18. At this time last year, I was wearing a size 24.

My target weight is 140, and my target clothing size is 14 (though, really, I wouldn't mind being a 12). I know that I still have a long way to go, and I know that many of you may be going, "Yeesh, can you really be happy at finding out you're a size 18?" But, the answer is... yes. :)
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Small friends list cleanup.

Removed some folks from the friends list. Can I just assume you all understand the standard disclaimers? That it's nothing personal, and that it's almost entirely a time thing, and that I will certainly understand if you unfriend me in turn, etc.

Just having to devote more time to non-goofing-off-on-the-computer things, which means that trying to pare down my friends list is important.

And now, I go sleep.
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