December 12th, 2003

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state of the meri

Just to keep everyone updated...

On Wednesday morning, I went to the doctor. They took me back to the exam room almost immediately, but then left me there for an hour. But that was ok. I had a coat. And a scarf. And a hat. These are all things that could be used as pillows and to block out the light of the offensively bright bulb overhead. So, I slept for an hour, curled up on the exam room desk.

When the doctor finally came in, I received an exam, and was told that I had a viral infection, and that it was one that was going around, and that it was going to get worse before it got better, and that I should definitely stay home that day and the next, and probably even Friday.


So, I went home, and sent my boss email to tell him the news, and he told me to go ahead and stay home on Friday, too. So, that's what I've been doing. I've been sleeping, and sweating, and throwing up, and not sleeping, and and and. It's just generally been unfun. By yesterday morning, I had lost 4 pounds since Monday morning, which I don't think is alltogether healthy.

Fortunately, my fever broke late yesterday afternoon, and I was able to get some food down, and I have now entered the, "Hi! You're going to sleep. A lot. Like, now." stage. In fact, I think it might almost be that time again.

Just wanted to let people know that yes, I am on the mend, and yes, I do plan on taking it easy this weekend, and yes, I listened to my boss and didn't go in today, and yes, I still have a job.

Further updates later, but now, there's more of that sleeping thing in my future, I think.
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