December 9th, 2003

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I do not approve.

Vger left to head to Baltimore this morning, and as I started getting ready for work, I felt a little weird, but figured it was mostly because, well, it was morning. Got in the car, started my drive to work. I had to stop to throw up twice on the drive to work. I took this as a bad sign. I got to the office, and neither fuzzichi or her officemate were in yet, and so I actually went to my office, where I learned I didn't actually have net for my laptop at my desk. Hrmph. Went and threw up again, and started having hot and then cold flashes. Lovely. Went and found fuzzichi's officemate, who has been training me, and he told me to go home. I found my boss, Al, and he concurred.

I hate this. I just started this job, and I'm missing work because I'm sick. But, there's no way I could have worked today. Once I got home (stopping once along the way to throw up again), I tried to lie down, but the world was too spinny. I sat and cried and shivered and sweated for a while. Finally, I managed to fall asleep... on my bathroom floor, since I had to stay near to a toilet thanks to my stomach wanting to expel what little contents it had.

I got up again this afternoon, and called and made a doctor's appointment for tomorrow. I suspect that this is just the stomach flu (yes, yes, I know, there's no such thing as a stomach flu, but you know what I mean), but I really don't want this to continue any longer than necessary. I spoke with my boss, and we agreed that I will call him in the morning and let him know how things are going.

While I was debating if I could manage to try to eat some soup, someone knocked on my door. It was UPS. I didn't recall ordering anything, and so I was confused. The labeling on the box wasn't helpful, either. I opened it and found... a panda blanket! I had found the blanket last week while looking for panda-printed fleece online, and mentioned it on IRC. obra is a very sneaky man, and bought it for me. Thank you, obra! It is warm and comfy, and I am wrapped it in.

utterlyjaded is going to bring me fruit salad, and I am going to try to keep that down, and then try going back to bed. I'm exhausted, and I still have a fever, and my stomach is still completely broken.

I have wonderful friends. Between folks sending me words of support, and assuring me that AOL is not going to fire me for not going to work when I am throwing up all day long, and some help various folks to help with panic and logistical issues and health issues and warmth issues and and and... I have wonderful friends. Even if I have an evil, traitorous body.

Fneh. Stupid orcs. Still not king.
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