December 2nd, 2003

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I adore my friends.

<broken_gizmo> is it time to go home yet?
<usagijer> almost, my little smurf
* utterlyjaded peers at meri
<utterlyjaded> you alright?
<broken_gizmo> my brain is full
<broken_gizmo> :)
<broken_gizmo> i only have so much space in here, you know
<utterlyjaded> i know
<nazgul> how do you check, do you have one of those color thingies like batteries do?
<utterlyjaded> the rest is full of stuff.
* broken_gizmo nods nazgul
<utterlyjaded> she gets an email warning that her brain is at the high water mark and will soon begin rejecting any further input
<utterlyjaded> only, because she's leet, she get it to her phone.
* broken_gizmo snorks
<broken_gizmo> liv, i adore you.
* utterlyjaded beams
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