November 16th, 2003

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A question for the masses...

I am taking an anti-seizure medicine. I am not taking it because I am epileptic, however. The medicine bottle states that I should wear some sort of identification stating that I am taking this medicine. Now, do they really mean that I should be wearing it if I am taking this medicine at all, or do they just assume that, if you are taking this medicine, you are epileptic, and should be wearing some sort of something identifying you as such?

Did that make any sense?

Basically, I'm wondering if I have to run out and make a, "Hi, I'm taking Primidone" bracelet.
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Oh dear.

It seems that Fox has someone who is aware of the internet working in their marketing group.

Their new slogan for Sunday night's lineup is:

"LOL Sunday!"

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Craft store report.

Just in case anyone was wondering, AC Moore is a much better craft store than Michael's. And I would say this even if I hadn't accidentally stumbled onto a "midnight madness" sale that had everything in the store an additional 25%-off between 6PM and 9PM.

Trust me on this. fuzzichi can back me up on my assertion!
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