October 3rd, 2003

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A day.


Ran errands. Changed address at bank. Picked up bits for coffee table at Ikea, and replaced top to the weird crate end table thing. Raced home, had a meeting. Worked. Screamed about work. Sent mail about the Inaugural Movie Night for next week. ("Bigger fucking guns!") Talked with Vger a bit. Assembled my coffee table, after some false starts. Stared at wall. Was rescued by sitz and chichi, who brought me four boxes of shoes from another friend (including a brand new pair of rub-off dark-red Fluevog boots!) and then took me and fed me sushi.

I am home, and want to go to bed, but my blanket is in the washer, because packet peed on it. Again. For the second time. In the same day. She's no longer allowed in the bedroom. Sigh.

Perhaps a soak in a nice hot tub? Well, my equivalent, which is reading in a nice hot shower. Yes. Reading. Shower. Shush. Leave me alone.

Plans for this weekend: Try to finish unpacking, or at least making a huge dent in what's left. Assemble the other bookshelf. Finish laundry. See Underworld with Vger. Send mail about housewarming party. Catch up with Kat. Go up and see Sam (Vger's cat), as I haven't seen her in about a month, and I miss her. Assemble dining table and chairs. And sleep. Yeah, sleep.
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