September 30th, 2003

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Links what have come to the fore.

Stuff that I'm coming across as I catch up on 5 days of mail and LJ.

Escher in Legos. Oh wow.

RIP Robert Palmer. Perhaps not Forever Young.

Got Jesus?

Dr. Who returning to TV. No. Really, this time.

Flying manta ray!

... I have no words. This poor horse.

World Beach Championships.

Kids in the Hall DVD release! Dave's not here!

I Used to Believe... Things what used to make sense, when you were a kid. :)

Oh yeah, and greybar snuck in while I wasn't looking.
default, superpanda, panda

... The hell?

So, our NOC has a statically-maintained Excel spreadsheet for escalations (don't ask me; it's what they're happy with). I sent the Keeper of the Sheet an email a week or two ago giving them my new phone number and asking that my contact information be updated.


A few minutes ago, my phone rang.

It was the NOC...

Looking for dvorak.

<me> Uh. dvorak and I don't live together anymore.
<them> Well, the spreadsheet still lists this number as his number.
<me> Um. This number is my new number. His number never changed.
<them> ...
<me> Here's his number.
<them> Thanks!
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