September 22nd, 2003

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Goodness, I ache.

Yesterday was another busy day. I grabbed Nyarla and went on yet another quest for the lamp, and finally managed to find it, while introducing Nyarla to the wonders of Target. (Today's goal: Get through the next three days without going to a bleeping Target.) After tromping through the entire store, we stopped by dvorak's place to drop off a couple of things of his that got packed and ended up at my apartment. Then, we went back to her place and picked up huey. They followed me out to Fair Lakes, and we went to Red Robin for dinner, where the drink menu was extremely limited, due to the continued need to boil water. (I swear I saw something on TV saying water is safe...)

After dinner, we came back to my place, and huey watched football while Nyarla and I unearthed my dining room, previously known as "the cardboard room." All the boxes from unpacking and from furniture and whatnot had ended up in this gigantic pile completely taking over the dining room. We schlepped all the cardboard downstairs and took it to the apartment complex's dumpsters. 3 truckloads of the stuff.


So, I have a dining room again, and this place continues to think about looking like a real apartment. Excellent. Now, if my calves would stop feeling like they were going to sproing like over-taut rubber bands, then all would be well. Oh, and if I could actually sleep. That'd be dandy, too.
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