September 12th, 2003

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running behind


kazmat is asleep (i hope) in the bedroom.

dvorak is getting ready to sleep in his room.

i am on the couch, and thought about trying to catch up with LJ, but i'm just too behind to be coherent, and i want to be coherent.

so, i'm going to crash out.

waking up in 7 hours. have to be at the new apartment in the morning. will be packing in the afternoon.

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Well, that's disconcerting.

I've been trying to get in touch with my dad for a few weeks now. Keep in mind that my family is not exactly what you would call close-knit, so the most that I really know about dad's whereabouts at the moment is that he's somewhere in the CONUS going to a couple of schools for work.

I sent him mail this morning, to both of the email addresses that I have for him.

They both bounced as undeliverable.

It doesn't bother me his Hotmail account bounced, really.

But I really do find it distressing that his address bounced.

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Stay on target...

kazmat is amazing.

She really is.

She got nearly all of my stuff packed while I was off dealing with utilities at the other apartment and assembling furniture with Vger (while waiting for the utilities people).

Vger and she and I got a bit more done tonight.

I think I'm about 98% done.

Going to crash now. Will wake up at 6, and finish things up. sitz and chichi should be showing up with kazmat in tow at 9:30, then we go fetch truck and whatnot, and get back here for folks at 10.

Then, the pain begins.

But, the end is in sight.

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