July 2nd, 2003

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Bored bored bored.

Brain not working right, either.

Been stuck at home, immobile, pretty much all day today. Tried to go to the doctor this morning, but he had been called out for an emergency. "Why didn't they call?" you may ask. (Or at least, I certainly did.) Well, they did. They dutifully called my work number. And I have been on vacation since Thursday. So.

Came home from that, fell into bed, been geeking and reading and generally trying to not walk all day. I went down to the car this evening to work on unloading it, since I didn't last night, and learned that that was a really bad idea, as I couldn't walk for more than a few feet without having to pause to take the weight off my right foot entirely. (Yes, kazmat, I know you told me so.)

Will definitely be working to go to the doctor tomorrow. Beyond any personal concerns about my well-being, I think that kazmat, Nyarla, and moyet will cause me further bodily harm if I don't. Can't have that happening.

This does, however, mean that I will likely not be going to Richmond this weekend to tromp around the tattoo convention with sitz and chichi. How sad. One of my regular friends is out of town for the weekend, so no hanging out with him. And, it's 4th of July weekend in the DC metro area, which is always terrifying. I do, however, have my VA birthday not-a-party at fimbulfimbul's on Friday, which should be a great deal of fun. And, it turns out that mephron will be in town this weekend for a con, so I shall endeavor to see him. Also, the other MD contingent has invited me up, so I might head up that way and sit on their deck and not walk for a while from there.

The most annoying thing of all of this? I've spent all day wanting to clean and rearrange, and couldn't. Grmph.

Hopefully more news on the foot tomorrow, and there will be further details about my MA trip Real Soon Now. Did I mention my brain isn't working? Perhaps more cross stitch.
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Foot update.

Walking today hurts more than it did yesterday. Crap.

Doctor's office opens in 48 minutes. I will be on the phone to them in 48 minutes.

Don't suppose anyone in DC/VA wants to take me to the doctor, eh? I hate doctors. Trying to not hyperventilate.

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Foot update, again.

Looks like it isn't broken. This is the highly scientific diagnosis made by myself and the x-ray tech while staring at the pretty pictures of the bones in my feet.

Current guess: tore the hell out of some ligaments.
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