June 25th, 2003

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Stand down from red alert!

I have found my camera! Repeat: I have found my camera!

(No, I never announced it was missing. I went from, "Where the hell is my camera?" to "... WHERE THE HELL IS MY CAMERA!?" to tearing apart evertyhing I own until I found it in about a total of 10 minutes.

For those of you who don't know me so well, me without a camera is... bad. Very very bad.

I can start breathing again.
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... let the mango through ...

Ok, folks. I sit here, showered, undressed, and only vaguely packed, but I take the time to tell you all that I am heading out. Presumably, I will achieve dressed and packed before I do this. One would hope, at least.

I will be heading into the office to grab a couple of things and run a couple of errands with Nyarla, then heading up to Maryland to spend the night, thus deftly dodging the morning beltway traffic. Tomorrow morning, it's Massachusetts ahoy, destination Beverly.

Also, if you asked to be on the trip update thingie, then you've already read this, as I am sending it to there, too! But, one request. Do not respond to the 2way.net address, if you can avoid it. It is flaky, and my covert-ops.org address forwards to the 2way.net address (after keeping a copy locally), so I'll stand a better chance of whatever you send me if you send it to covert-ops.

Will likely be offline much of the time until Tuesday morning or so. Feel free to email or call me. See some of you soon!
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