June 17th, 2003

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Long, long day. Lots of good, some bad. Some important stuff, all of which I'm too tired to relate right now. I'm kind of out of sorts, unsure of where I stand in the world, but I'm feeling surprisingly serene about it. I'm sure the serenity will disappear, and I'll be back to freaking out again any minute now.

Like, oh hey, I have a job interview tomorrow. That's a good thing to freak out about. Someone I care about a lot is hurting, that's a good one, too. I have interesting car issues. That's a good one. Oh yeah, and I'm unemployed soon.

But, you know what? Too tired. Was too happy and at peace with the world this morning to let myself lose it again before morning, at least.

Wow, this made no sense whatsoever. I'll try to explain tomorrow.
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