June 12th, 2003

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Oh, this is going to hurt tomorrow.

4 hours later, the 600-pound desk (yes, the desk weighs 600 pounds, really) is no longer in the apartment and is, in fact, sitting in huey and Nyarla's garage. Huge huge thanks go out to huey and romer, who lended their burly selves to the task, and to moyet, who donated the vehicle.

This process was... interesting, but actually much less difficult than anticipated. It was just... bulky. Really really bulky. And I am going to be incredibly sore tomorrow, and undoubtedly sporting a whole new set of bruises.

But, the goddamned desk is finally gone, after sitting, unused, for 4 years. And now that space can be better used for things which recent events have made necessary.

So yeah, No more desk (DESK! (if you don't get it, don't worry, it's an inside Erol's / RCN joke)).

Now, to clean the living room, which wasn't doing so well to start with, and only got worse by having the contents of the desk dropped into it. And the bedroom. And the computer room. And...


(Oh yeah, and the answer to the earlier, "Where did they go?" question is: they went to get gas. Silly boys, forgetting that cars need gas to go.)
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I have a goal!

Ok, what with the desk being moved, I'm feeling all industrious. So what if it's 1:30AM? So what if I'm sore? So what if my butt still hurts from inexplicable tailbone injury? So what if I have an interview at 4:30 tomorrow? So what if I have a ton of things I have to do at work tomorrow? So what if I'm exhausted?

I'm feeling industrious, damnit!

So, I'm going to go sort the laundry.

Now, this may not sound like a lot to any normal human being, but there is a lot of laundry to sort. Piles of clothes collected around the apartment in semi-sentient drifts.

But, I'm going to sort it tonight, damnit.

So there.
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[meme] Interview questions from sauergeek.

  1. If you had lived in one place while growing up (all the years from birth to legal adulthood), how do you think you would be different now?

    Hmmm. I think that I would probably be less concerned about permanency, about making ties and losing them. After the second or third move, I started becoming very wary of becoming attached to things and people and places, because they were always going to be taken from me the next time I moved. I think that I would also probably be a lot less tolerant of the different things you find in the world, and also a lot less curious about the world in general. I've seen just enough of the world to convince me that I want to see a lot more of it, and I think that's a good thing.

  2. If you had a choice about where you lived in #1, where would it be and why?

    Assuming that I have to choose from places that I have actually lived... let's see.

    • Tachikawa, Japan: I have no recollection of this place, but suspect that it wouldn't make the cut, regardless.

    • Minot, North Dakota: Me? In North Dakota? You've got to be kidding. :)

    • Denver, Colorado: I seem to recall liking Denver, but left when I was 4, so I don't know that my memories aren't skewed by stories and pictures. I don't see myself living there agin, but I haven't been back, either.

    • Clearwater, Kansas: You know, when we left Kansas, I was crushed. I had no desire to leave. It was home. I had friends, kind of. I lived on a great farm. I had a wonderful active imagination that let me live in relative isolation with the cows and my dogs and my cat and be happy. But... now, I can't imagine ever moving back. It is too small, too rural, too... Kansas.

    • Jabriyah, Kuwait: Nope. Not moving back. It was a fascinating experience, and I wish that I had been older when I lived there so I could appreciate more of it, but I don't think there's any chance that I'd want to live my entire developmental years there.

    • Iwakuni, Japan: Hmmm. This is actually a possibility. Near lots of water, 45 minute train ride to Hiroshima, beautiful scenery, busy cityish life without being a city itself, used to having Americans around. But, again, I think my memories are colored by what I choose to reflect upon, and I'm not sure I can see myself living there for 18 years and being happy.

    • (Various places), Hawaii: Big surprise, this is probably my choice. Hawaii is such an incredible place, before you take into account the scenery. So many different ethnic groups living together, such a relaxed attitude, and what I felt was a very tolerant society. Able to live near a city (though, granted, not a large city), and still have country-ish areas a reasonable drive away. And, of course, the location. The Pacific, the flowers and trees, the sun and rain, the mountains. I think some part of me will always consider Hawaii home, no matter how long I'm away. Of course, if I'd spent my entire formative years there, I would have turned out very different, I think. Hawaii is very isolated, 6 hours on a plane to even start going anywhere. It would have been a very different life.

    And that concludes the list of places I lived during my formative years. Looks like Hawaii wins.

  3. Do you have any unusual comfort foods? What are they? (Look at this from your own point of view and from what passes as an average American's point of view. Given your own background, are there any that you think are unusual? Given an average American, are there any that are unusual?)

    Hmmm. Let's see. First, list the comfort foods, then figure out which might be unusual. Mashed potatoes, turkey, grilled cheese sandwiches, miso soup, pos pas, tofu with bonito and shoyu, ramen, breakfast foods, mochi, mangoes.

    I don't think that any of the "American" foods on my list would be really considered odd comfort foods for your average American, and that most of the Japanese things would be. Of course, on the flip side, I don't think that my Japanese choices would be considered weird to Japanese people, but would be by Americans. (Pos Pas is a Phillipino dish, so might be considered weird by everyone. I don't know. :) )

  4. If you could change any one thing about yourself, what would it be and why?

    Insecurity and fear. I am scared of everything, and am constantly second- and third- (and fourth- and fifth- and...)-guessing myself in every situation. I will always assume I've done wrong, will always assume that people don't like me, and are simply tolerating me. Even with people I can intellectually acknowledge care about me and love me, I can't bring myself to ask for help, or even their time to talk. I know this is the root of most of the problems that I've had in life for, oh, the last 20 years or so, and I can't seem to find my way out of it. I'd really like to learn to live life without the fear.

  5. How can you avoid answering this question smart-assedly?

    Um. Erm. Cheese!
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[meme] Interview questions from phil_ji.

For those who don't know, phil_ji is the kind man who served as the librarian at Kalaheo High School during my years there. He was very tolerant of me and my friends, who would often take refuge in his library. He was also the coach for the Quizzard (think high school Jeopardy) team the year I was on it.

  1. List one question you answered during competition for the KHS Quizzard team.

    Aaaaagh! I remember on a frightening basis one that I answered incorrectly. It's so very very stupid, and I kicked myself as soon as I said it, and have kicked myself on average about once a week since. "What is the average of 20, 24, and 25?" My brain completely flipped out and missed the 2s in there, and I answered 13 instead of 23.

  2. Most favorite local grinds that you can't get there.

    Meep. Just one? Hmmmm. Plate lunch, I think. (That's probably cheating, as it covers so many different things.) Loco moco. Meat jun. Haupia. Pickled watermelon rind. Crack seeds! Ani's sweet bread. Jack in the Box (yes, I know, not local, but we don't have them here). Malasadas. Portugese sausage. Shoyu chicken. Shave ice. Manapua. Hawaiian Sun drinks. Um. That's just off the top of my head, of course. :)

    So, uh, can you do care packages for poor exiles on the east coast? ;)

  3. Have you taken the train to Worcester from DC yet? If no, why not?

    I haven't. Generally, my trips are pretty time-constrained, and I haven't been able to convince myself to dedicate the time to a train trip. I was going to take the train for my next trip, but it looks like the person I was going to be traveling with won't be joining me, and that was part of the allure. I will definitely have to do this at some point.

  4. This is probably obvious, but papaya, mango or lychee?

    Mango, definitely. Then, lychee, then papaya. I have a really hard time finding mangoes out here that I feel are "right" and it drives me insane. Of course, when I do find them, they're something like $2 each. (Paying for mangoes? Goodness!) Lychee are hard to find fresh here, but I do sometimes stumble across a stash, and that's always good. For some reason, I never really enjoyed papaya.

  5. Without checking a yearbook, what is the first line of the KHS alma mater?

    High atop an Oahu hillside
    Stands our noble school
    Fellowship and inspiration
    Kalaheo School

    I can remember snippets of the rest of it, but the first stanza is burned into my brain. :)
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[meme] Interview questions from lizzielizzie.

  1. Would you ever consider being an online/phone sex operator?

    Wow, this is a hard question, and probably not for reasons you think.

    I don't have any problems with most sex work. Spider Robinson once said something which I am paraphrasing badly here: "If you think it is wrong to pay for people to care for you, you have no business flying first class, or getting a manicure, or any number of other things."

    So, the question for me isn't one of morals or ethics, really, though I do admit to some part of my brain twinging at it. No, for me, it's the practical issues that get in the way.

    First, I hate the phone. I hate using it. I am only getting to the point where I am comfortable talking on the phone with the two or three people in my life closest to me, and that's mostly because I want to hear their specific voices, to hear them laugh, to hear the emotions in their voices. I'm not sure I could overcome this for the job.

    Second, I don't know that I'd be any good at it, and damn, it'd suck to gyp someone on their $3.99 a minute call. I can do the talk dirty thing with partners, but again, that's pretty person-specific. As you all (or at least some) know, I can also write erotica, but that's different.

    So, would I consider it? Certainly. I don't think I could do it, though.

  2. the hottest. chix0r. EVAR! is working at your local coffee shop, which you frequent. You....

    Get very flustered, blush, make stupid jokes. And, for some reason, I am much much more attracted to cute than to hot, per se. But, I substituted cute for the spirit of my response. I have a horrible time approaching women I'm attracted to. Even moreso than with men I'm attracted to, that is. :)

  3. Ever owned satin sheets? Ever worn silk/satin while on those sheets? Ever slid right off the bed as a result?

    Yes. Yes. And yes.

    You didn't want details, did you? ;)

  4. Red hair dye disappears off the face of the Earth. What do you do with your hair now?

    ... Wench.

    Hrm. Lots of things come to mind. I could let it grow back out to its natural color, but to be honest, I find my natural hair color to be boring as hell. I have done black hair before, and would do it again, but I think that it enforces the "meri is a goth" thing a bit too much. ;) I've been tempted to go blue for quite a while, but haven't quite worked up the nerve to look quite that much like an anime character.

  5. leather or lace?

    It depends. :) Both definitely have their place, though now that I am of a magnificent size, I probably lean more towards lace. Not that I don't think that leather can look good on large women, but I'm just a lot more self-concious about it. That, and lace is ventilated. :)
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My body hates me.

(Heh. uncarvedgeek, I originally typed that as "My bodhi hates me.")

As predicted, I am very sore, though I seem to have escaped acquiring any new bruises, as far as I can tell.

The really weird one of the day is my left hand. My left wrist hurts pretty badly (even for me), and I can't actually feel my left hand. Like, at all. Makes typing interesting, it does.
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Look ma, no power!

We lost power to about half of the apartment about 20 minutes ago.

We just lost power to the rest of it about 30 seconds ago.

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[meme] Interview updates.

I know I have a bunch of batches of questions to respond to still. Don't worry, I'm still working on them.

More troublesome, I know that I have a bunch of questions that I need to ask of people. That's harder, but I'm still working on them.

I know you all care. Heh.
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Career change?

(Aren't I Miss Chatty today?)

So, I'm being booted out of my job, and I'm pondering... should I change careers? Should I think about a world outside of the tech world? What could you see me doing for a living?

(Serious and silly answers alike. Have fun.)
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