May 25th, 2003

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I'm so going to feel this tomorrow.

So, today was an all-around good day, once it started rolling.

This morning was pretty bleak, but then I had long talks with two very good friends, and they helped me dig myself out a little bit, pretty much despite myself.

Then, I got the call from Spencer, which was just great.

Then, coyote and I decided to head out to Bull Run park with Sebastian, taking advantage of the first day it hasn't rained in weeks. Now, see, a smart person would have said, "Uh, it's been raining for weeks, you know." But, not us! We spent about three hours trudging through the mud fields, having a wonderful time.

Got a call while in the mud flats, and that raised my spirits even more.

Took a nice hot shower back at coyote's, was thankful that I had a change of clothes in the car, as mine were mud-encased, and ended up borrowing shoes from her, since I didn't have extra shoes. Went for yummy Vietnamese, with more great conversation. Ran into aeris and KaptnJack on our way out, which was neat.

Dropped coyote off at home, came home myself. I am sore, and tired, but today was a wonderful day. And tomorrow should be pretty good, too, barring change in plans.


I am lucky to have such fine, fine friends. Thank you all. :)
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By the kindness of semi-strangers...

So, I called the Safeway pharmacy at 3:50 PM to refill my Monday meds. The following conversation ensued.

<pharmacist lady> Um, we close in 10 minutes.
<me> Oh, that's ok. I'll pick them up tomorrow.
<pharmacist lady> We're closed tomorrow, for the holiday.
<me> ... Oh.
<pharmacist lady> You normally take these on Mondays, don't you?
<me> Yeah. Hrm.
<pharmacist lady> Ok, get here as quickly as you can, and knock on the pharmacy door. I'll stay here until you get here.
<me> !

How cool is that?
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