May 20th, 2003

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Has anyone seen my appetite?

No, really. It just went away, somewhere.

I ate lunch with Tracy and Kyle on Saturday, and had a slice of pizza and a bowl of soup.

Didn't eat for the rest of Saturday.

Didn't eat at all on Sunday.

Had half a peach and a little thing of rice and vegetables because kazmat social-engineered around me, getting co-workers to bring me food.

Still not hungry. I know, delenn1122, I promised you I'd eat at the theater, and then at home, but I'm just not hungry. The idea of eating anything makes me rather nauseated.

Stupid stomach. Still not king.
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The geese are not safe!

Rawr! Awake! Way way too awake! Going to go scare some geese. I am the mad honker what honks at... uh, roughly 2AM.

Doesn't have the same ring. Perhaps I can learn to say it in goose.

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