April 21st, 2003

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I have planned... poorly.

Ok, ok, what the hell have I been up to?

I think I've mostly been working, and worrying about bouncingleaf (who is now out of the hospital, and will likely be on her way back to MA tomorrow, for those keeping track). Wednesday and Thursday was suits in the office. Friday was running around a lot and going to lunch with friends. Yesterday was a complete wash, resulting in nothing useful at all being accomplished. dvorak and I watched a movie and ordered Japanese food in, and that was the height of my excitement for the day. (I was supposed to go visit bouncingleaf in the hospital, but was coming down with sick, and didn't want to get her sick. I left her in illspoken's able hands.)

Today, I basically did... nothing... until about 2, at which point I convinced Nyarla and huey they wanted to go to breakfast. I then waited for a long while for them to be ready. During this time, I called around, and discovered that there really just isn't anything open on Easter. How annoying. We finally went to breakfast, and then I went to Tower (one of the few places open), and picked up a couple of movies and a CD I've been meaning to get for a few weeks now, and a new storage thingie for DVDs, since I had run out of DVD storage space where I had been storing DVDs. (That made sense, really.)

Then, I spent a bunch of this evening unearthing the living room (goodness, there's a floor in here!), including moving a couple of boxes of things that have been in this one little nook for many years. They did not growl too much at being moved, but I suspect that they are currently plotting their revenge. This done, Iwas able to assemble said new storage. Then, I moved all the DVDs around. And, you know what? I am set! ...just so long as I never buy another movie.

So, I guess I'll be splitting the DVDs across the old and new storage, which is not what I wanted, but it will have to do.

Of course, I am now overcome by the urge to rearrange the entire living room. This is not so good. (Have you ever been to my apartment? It is severely lacking in right angles. Very annoying.) But, dvorak says that if I get this place cleaned up sufficiently for rearranging, he will help me with the rearranging. (Wow. I just realized, this would involve moving the TV. I don't think this thing has moved since dvorak and phrog and I brought it in here, many years ago.)

Hrm. I think that the new layout that I am envisioning will require end tables. Yeah. End tables. Hrm. It would also have one of packet's perches behind the entertainment center, which may not be the best idea in the world. This may require thought.

Need to do laundry, but have no desire to do so. Also, need to do three things tomorrow. First, I must take dvorak to the doctor. Second, I must wait for laptop delivery. Third, I must rack new mail systems at work. See, there is an inherent problem here. In order to do these three things, I have to be in three different places... at the same time. Does anyone have any quick cloning tech they can loan me? And a couple of cars?

It occurs to me that I haven't eaten since IHOP, and that I am actually kind of hungry. I don't think there's any food in the house worth eating, either. And it's Easter Sunday. Or the wee hours of the morning of the day after Easter Sunday. Which means I'm just screwed. Fneh! And I have the uber grocery delivery coming... tomorrow night. This does me no good.

Blah blah blah.
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The new laptop from Dell arrived today. So far, this has been an amusing experience.

Dell no longer makes Inspiron 4100s, which is what I had, so I got an Inspiron 4150 in the mail. Other than the weird panels on it, this seems to be a win. Differences thus far:
  • 1.7GHz P4 vs 1.2GHz P3
  • 256M RAM vs 128M RAM
  • 24x CD/CD-RW/DVD vs 8x CD/DVD
  • Integrated internal wireless net!
  • Mobility Radeon 7500 vs. something I'm not remembering.

Of course, the 512M RAM module that I had from my 4100 is unusable in the 4150, which makes sense, but was not something I thought of. New RAM ordered, and old module given to dvorak for use in his 4100. dvorak is rather non-plussed at the whole laptop situation, which is only fair. I mean, he bought both the 4100s, and now I have a better laptop than he does. (No, he's not really upset. He's mostly just amused.) To be fair, I did offer him the 4150 in exchange for his 4100. But, he declined.