April 15th, 2003

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Oh, right.

Now, I remember the other thing that I wanted to curse trystero for in my post the other day.

I can no longer read any Fiest / Wurts without noticing the damned trick. Damnit, trystero!

(Who just had to retrieve the book after throwing it across the room after seeing the damned mechanic structure again.)
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[tmi] Body update.

For all those of you who kindly posted suggestions when my body was in rebellion a week or so back, first, thank you. I talked to my nurse practioner, and she has said that there should be no problem with staying on the patch continuously, so I'm going to be giving that a shot.

Wish me luck!
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Seeking: Spider Monkeys

I need some spider monkeys.

Really, I do.

Because, you see, I'm just about POSITIVE that spider monkeys could do a better job that our goddamned NOC is these days.

I'm almost SURE that we could train spider monkeys to NOT POST HALF-CHECKED INFORMATION to the entire userbase, and indeed, the world.

Especially if, say, the information they were posting, which, if it were entirely true, would be HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE to be sharing with our entire damned user base.

So, yeah. Spider monkeys.

( Alternately, I may need you all to come bail me out when I start killing NOC staff. )
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