April 10th, 2003

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Life, it happens.

... What the hell have I been doing?

Sunday, I dutifully roused everyone from their slumber (and lemme tell you, if you ever want to get all your friends to hate you, be the one responsible for wakeup calls the day after a party) and moyet, chichi, Nyarla, and I drove out to Annapolis and had a great deal of fun. I really do need to stop buying short little punky / gothy skirts, because I look utterly ridiculous in them. But they keep tackling me! I swear!

Monday, uh. Erm. I don't think I did anything on Monday. Went to work, I think? Maybe not.

Tuesday, I was supposed to go to WPFS, but I had an evil headache, so I ended up not going. Instead, I sat around at the office until 10PM, then stumbled home. Yeah, that makes sense.

Today was a waste of a day itself. Interrupt-driven, pointless. But, this evening, I fled and went to Dupont Circle to see He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not at Visions with Torque, LostVger, and Steph. Good, good movie. Very well done. Go see it. Don't let anyone tell you about it. And, boy, it is not Amelie. :)

Home now. Just made some chai with my nifty new frother. Will require some kinks to be worked out, but it has promise.

I should probably go to bed soon. Tomorrow is going to be a long day.

Good night, Gracie.
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Ok, I'm a goober.

I just figured out how to run multiple SDI interfaces of Opera, so I can have one set of windows for work stuff, and one set of windows for non-work stuff, and have both setups saved and whatnot. This pleases me immensely. I am such a goober. :)
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