March 24th, 2003

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15% extra gratuitousness.

Back from dinner in Marlboro with zonereyrie, slarti, frozencapybara, kviri, erajia, qedrakmar, jehanna, solipsistnation, usagijer, and delenn1122. We had yummy Mexican food, and delenn1122 won the pool as to what time zonereyrie would show up (7:30, that is). (And Zoner, even though we pick on you for the time thing, we all love you dearly. :) )

Am now back at jehanna and solipsistnation's house, tucked into bed, typing by the light of the laptop screen. solipsistnation made me a CD of mp3s to listen to on my way back to Virginia on Thursday which, when combined with the three XTC CDs trystero gave me, should keep me happily in tunes for the entire trip.

Tomorrow, I will be following solipsistnation into Worcester, so I can spend the day with usagijer and delenn1122, and there might be dinner happening with some of the Worcestery people, too. That'd be neat, as I don't get to see nearly enough of some people, like zonereyrie, and usually even then only in mob settings. Then, I will go up to Beverly and hang out with kazmat and audiogeek. I think I'm going to end up being lame and bowing out off museumy things on Tuesday. The arch of my left foot is still rather annoyed wih me, though not as bad as it was last Sunday at the zoo, but I suspect that it's getting angrier, and tromping around Boston all day probably won't help. :(

And I've now been writing this post for about 3 hours, because I keep forgetting it's here, so I should probably go to bed. (Well, already in bed. Should probably try to go to sleep.)

Good night, Gracie.
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Hey! Worcestery people!

Dinner tonight? Looks like I'm staying at 41+1 tonight, as audiogeek is quite the sick boy, and as much as I would love to spend time with him and kazmat, I really really do not want to be sick for the drive back to VA.

So, dinner? qedrakmar? slarti? zonereyrie? solipsistnation? jehanna? I'm supposed to let trystero know what plans are, too. (I'm going to assume that usagijer and delen1122 are coming along. :) ) Hey, we could go play pool! Ok, ok, maybe not. (I do have my pool cue in the car, though...) But, really. Dinner? Anyone?
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What a cheery evening.

usagijer and I did some mighty tromping today, running many errands. I now have a trunk full of booze (yay, Strongbow! yay, Vinergy!) and I picked up an awesome coat at Lane Bryant for $53 (yay, 70% off!). Then, we went to the awesome tattoo / piercing place that gave me the free bead to fix my cartilage piercing when I was a dork and frumpled it in February and got usagijer a spiffy new GweepNet logo tattoo. (I'm such a trend-setter!)

We then came back to 41+1, soon to be joined by delenn1122 and slarti. We even acquired dinner plans, and later ventured to Nancy Cheng's to meet up with gizmoek and zonereyrie for yummy foods. And ridiculous drinks. Really ridiculous drinks. Take my word on this. (Though, I did manage to keep a straight face when I said, "I would like a Love Potion, please.") zonereyrie was kind enough to order "Strange Flavor Chicken" so I could try it (and it was, indeed, strange).

After dinner, we came back to 41+1 (again), and watched Grave of the Fireflies. Now, delenn1122 didn't believe me when I said it was incredibly depressing, thinking that, well, really, how depressing could a cartoon be? She knows better now. :) '<delenn1122> That has got to be the most depressing movie I've ever seen. I want to go commit suicide now." But, we are watching Totoro to make up for it as we speak (erm, as i type?). I can't believe that this was billed as a double feature originally. Goodness.

Tomorrow promises to be another busy day, and I'm afraid that my batteries are winding down. I have to make it through two more days before the drive home, and then, well, the drive home. So tired. And I have to be in the office at 9AM on Friday, too. Yeesh.

Ok, on with the movie.
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