March 16th, 2003

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Catching a breath.

Goodness, things have been busy.

The world went all splody on Thursday. I decided to best deal with this by drinking heavily at lunch (went to Chevy's with Nyarla, huey, and moyet). This helped. Then, Thursday night, LostVger, sitz and I ventured into Dupont Circle to see Gerry at Visions. Lemme tell ya: Given the option, do not go hiking with Matt Damon and Casey Affleck. Really. Consider yourself warned.

Friday, uh. Something happened. Lunch at Sweetwater Tavern with Torque and moyet was quite nummy, and I appeased the weird craving for steak by having a couple of bites of moyet's, which let me eat steak without having to annoy my stomach. Friday night, I mostly stayed home, but made a quick foray out to Tower to pick up some CDs. Somewhere in here, I realized that the ANSWER protest was taking place in DC on Saturday, and that maybe venturing in to the Holocaust Museum wasn't the best idea in the world. So, we flipped Saturday and Sunday plans.

Today, I fetched Nyarla, and we did some commando shopping. First, a quick breakfast at McDonald's, then a run through Sally's Beauty Supply (hairdye ahoy!). Then to my branch of Big Planet Comics to pick up my box. Then, I dragged Nyarla to Star's Beads, which she took as a huge trap. (Bwahahahaha.) Then on to Bethesda, where we stopped at Nyarla's branch of Big Planet Comics so she could pick up her comics. Finally, off to Torrid (in the Westfield Shoppingtown (no, really, that's what it's called)). Yeesh, this was a trap. I got lots of gothy clothes (*gasp* *shock*), much of it discovered by Nyarla (*gasp* *shock*), including a Very Short Skirt to wear to Manray next week. This skirt is... interesting, in that it's a wrap-skirt that is held shut by a button and two sets of D-ring buckles, and not much else. (!) Came home, went to pho with dvorak. Then to see Daredevil with huey, Nyarla, and moyet. (Only a minor injury, there. Well, I mean, I know huey didn't mean to slam Nyarla's fingers in my car door. Yipe.)

Home now, and thinking of what I need to do before picking Nyarla and huey up at 10 tomorrow.

Yipe. Busy. But in a good way. Yay.
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