March 10th, 2003

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Oh dear goodness.

I think I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.

I met up with sitz and his friends Leslie and Paul for pool, which was a mixed success. We had fun, but we were all really tired and/or broken in various ways, so we ended up calling it quits after about 3 hours, instead of the standard 5. This turned out to be a good thing, as it gave me a chance to go home and shower before going out to dinner.

I managed to get out of the apartment at a reasonable time, and picked up moyet. She then directed me through the super-sneaky route to get to Reston via the back roads, and we made our way to the restaurant with little confusion. We were actually the first to arrive, followed by coyote, Nazgul, and finally Nyarla and huey.

Food was a blast. So much good food, and Nazgul and I had a lot of fun introducing the rest of the gang to the whole fondue experience. Our waiter was great, and put up with our silliness quite well, even when we threatened to tickle him. (Yes, really.) Three hours later, we all but had to roll ourselves out of the restaurant. Actually, we did kind of have to help Nyarla out. Have I ever mentioned that she really has no alcohol tolerance? I think the shared glass of the 18-year-old The Macallan is what really did her in (on top of the raspberry martini and the hot chocolate concoction thingie). (It was very entertaining helping her get her coat on, since she was trying to put her arms in the wrong sleeve holes.) (So yeah, all my food keepers? I don't need to eat for like 3 days. I think I ate about that much food tonight.)

We then went over to Nazgul's apartment for a while, so that the rest of the crowd could meet JD, who was predictably shy. But, he warmed up a little before we left (which was only allowed to happen after Nazgul showed the 'special scene' on The Fellowship of the Ring DVD (erk)).

Home again, and soaking in a hot shower for a while, and now I'm all but ready to fall over and collapse. I wonder if I could get away with going and hiding at a friend's house in Maryland tomorrow and sleeping the day away. :)
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Well, drat.

I goofed, and waited too long to buy tickets to the next Everest lecture at the National Geographic society, and it's already sold out. I thought that a month in advance would have been plenty of time, especially considering the lecture hall was only half full for the last lecture, but considering the topic speakers, I guess I'm not surprised.

Foo. I really wanted to go. :(
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Cheery weekend plans.

It seems that Nyarla, LostVger, and I will be venturing into DC Saturday morning to go to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. You know, a nice, pleasant way to spend a morning.

I have picked up passes in advance, since they can be a complete pain to get same-day. I have one extra, if anyone wants to tag along. Fabric shopping shall take place afterwards, though I do have to run home in the mid-afternoon, so it won't be an all-day sort of thing.
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